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Our Kids Martial Arts classes will promote self-confidence and leadership as well a firm grasp on self-defense and identifying potential dangerous situations.

Our Adults and Teens Martial Arts Program has classes for men and women of all ages and experience levels.



Martial Arts classes help children become confident, raise self-esteem, and instill a positive self image.


The self-defense and safety skills children learn from Martial Arts will prepare them for everything from bullying to peer pressure.


Martial Arts teaches structure, discipline, and focus, which can help children achieve higher grades in school.


Our fun and energetic atmosphere helps children develop an outgoing attitude and form new friendships.

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Here are some words from our clients
  • Graduation last night! Very impressive!!! Master Mendes is tremendous teacher, mentor, man. His program provides a great message, and moral guidance for his students and the families that participate. All support staff are on the same page, reinforcing their message, creating more focused and self-responsible individuals.

    Cheryl Tucker

  • Greg, you change the lives of many varying in ages from young too old, speaking from experience, I witnessed the change in mind set from I can’t too I can. Many individuals go from not knowing what they are capable of too learning and performing with confidence because you were there to guide and motivate them to see another side of themselves. You are a blessing to many as you assist in ways you may not even know or understand for example if Isaiah’s having a bad day and heads off to Martial Arts to train with you his mind set will go from negative to positive instantaneously. Isaiah has come a long way from shy to confident performing in front of many audiences, to actually competing in not 1 but 2 tournaments and his very first 1 he was asked by you to represent Mendes Martial Arts and he was honored to do so going from nervous to composed and placing Silver and Gold. Isaiah and I are so appreciative of your talent, admiration and strength for teaching, the adoration you provide while mentoring, but most of all your kindheartedness, love and generosity to Isaiah and my family. You and your team at Mendes Martial Arts are always sure to provide fun times, laughs, and great life lessons. There is always room for improvement and I would say organization could be improved but as for your teaching- I have no complaints just many thanks. May God Bless you and your family always and may you all have a very blessed and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

    Christina Moniz – Executive Assistant, Mental Health Service

  • I have to say one of the best hings we have together for Hunger is signed him at Greg Mendes Martial Arts in Taunton he has in a short time gained confidence, is self-esteem and provide is growing, focus has been on point he's been doing things at home the first time he asked, does homework without a struggle and lately, he's been starting to work on his own before I'm home from work, best of all exercise reg event when not in class overnight. It's either his own workout or practice skills for martial arts. So, if anyone wants to see their kids to check it out, I will give you the info master Mendes is wonderful.

    Karen Conefrey-Porazzo

  • We have been with Mendles for just couple months now, I cannot contain the positive results seen in our 8 yr grandsons behavior, and confidence. I listen to positive messages at all times form instructors. The respect my family has seen passed to these kids can't be of higher caliber. I wish this place only the best.

    Richard Tucker