Thank you!

What a successful event! Team Evolution showed up in full force at the BTF UK CHAMPIONSHIPS 2023 with a team of 42 competitors.

As coaches, it was truly inspiring to witness the support that our students offered one another throughout the day. The team camaraderie shone brilliantly, displaying what Team Evolution is all about. We are extremely proud of everyone!

The medal tally was nothing short of remarkable:

GOLD: 21



In sum, a grand total of 55 medals!

Also a thank you to the parents, you are a crucial part in our success!

Join us for a Team EVO Squad Session...

Date: Thursday 26th October

Time: 10:00 - 12:00

Venue: Evolution MA Centre, Taunton

Cost: FREE

This session will focus on patterns and sparring techniques, designed to fine-tune our skills and prepare for the upcoming UKTA UK Championships in Guildford.

We're hosting this event as a token of our appreciation for the unwavering support and dedication our team has shown to the club. Your hard work and commitment in training have not gone unnoticed, and we want to ensure you're fully prepared for the championships.

During this session, we'll cover those crucial last-minute details and work on improvements to ensure that our team is in top form for the upcoming competition. Best of all, this session is entirely free of charge as a thank you for being an integral part of our club's success.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills and bond with your fellow teammates. We look forward to seeing you there!